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This week Joe's hosting, Sophie and CC are here and we're reviewing "Brightburn". 

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This week we're talking about creepers, boomers, red hats and the shelf life of mayo as we review "The Intruder" starring Dennis Quaid.

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This week we're talking the unholy mess that is "Hellboy" 2019 and the curious case of Niel Marshall's career.

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This week we're taking a trip to the Florida Swamps to check out the "hurricane unleashes mean gators" movie "Crawl".  Plus, your life questions, answered poorly.  

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Andrew joins us to discuss "The Prodigy", technically featuring no actual prodigies and definitely featuring way too many scenes about pubes (read: 1 scene). 

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This week we're living the cult life as we review Ari Aster's "Midsommar". 

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We're talking about barking dogs, John Goodman's smell, gooey explosives and more as we review "Captive State", a film about American insurgents fighting back against a colonizing power.  4th of July relevance purely coincidental. 

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The internet of things attacks! As we review this modern day retelling of the 80's classic.

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This week we're reviewing 2019's other cautionary tale about befriending middle aged people, "Greta".  Now go call your mother already...

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This week we're talking about pooping, vomit and listing all the many things wrong with the Netflix film "The Perfection"... in no particular order. 



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This week Young Andrew(TM) brings his considerable knowledge of all things Godzilla to the table to help us review "Godzilla: King of the Monsters".  

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This week we're reviewing "The Ranger" and spending an inordinate amount of time debating who the actor playing the ranger looks like.  Plus, murky familial ties, moralizing cop stabbers and oddly placed punk tropes.

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This week we're talking about the trippy, filthy, scary, unforgettable film "Climax" by noted weird guy Gaspar Noe. 

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This week we're fighting off prairie madness as we review "The Wind", plus your stupid life questions answered, stupidly.

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This week we're talking about the latest in James Wan's ever expanding "Waniverse", plus advice on your Dad wardrobe.  You're welcome. 

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This week BGH is reviewing CC's staff pick, "The Witches" and deciding when is an appropriate time to tell your grandkid the story behind your finger stump. Plus, new details on the September meetup!

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This week the BGH crew reviews "The Silence", makes the inevitable comparisons to that other sense-based thriller, and discusses the appropriate amount of time one should wait before forming a post apocalyptic cult. 

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Episode 518 - We review "Pet Sematary", the remake that proves sometimes dead really IS better. Plus, our own weird pet stories and listeners write in seeking life advice from a bunch of middle aged podcasters.

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The BGH crew reviews this direct to streaming thriller loosely based on the real life Slender Man murders. 

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Discussion on Jordan Peele's hallucinatory horror film "Us". Plus, The Craft is being remade and a listener questions sends us to some weird places...

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This week Joe's busting out another fine, offensive accent as the BGH crew sits down to review the Irish indie horror film "The Hole in the Ground".  

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This week we're getting lit and doing it for the lulz as we review "Assassination Nation". Plus, Casey's trying his hardest to not be a grumpy old man and Joe takes his commitment to #getadaughter to the next level.

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This week we're discussing "Lords of Chaos", the movie loosely based on the story of infamous Norwegian Death Metal band "Mayhem".  Plus, Joe can barely contain his excitement, Shelton's non-plussed and Eric has so, so many questions.

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Jayson sits down with director Nicolas Pesce to discuss his new movie (currently in theaters) "Piercing".  Pesce is probably best known to horror fans as the director of the indie surprise "Eyes of My Mother", and is piloting the upcoming remake of "The Grudge". 


From the release:

PIERCING features ground breaking performances by Christopher Abbott (It Comes At Night, “The Sinner,” “Girls”) and Mia Wasikowska (Crimson Peak, Stoker, Alice In Wonderland). The film is the second feature film for writer and director Nicolas Pesce who previously received critical acclaim for his debut feature film The Eyes Of My Mother.  Pesce is in post-production on his next film – the reboot of the Grudge.

In this twisted love story, a man seeks out an unsuspecting stranger to help him purge the dark torments of his past. His plan goes awry when he encounters a woman with plans of her own. A playful psycho-thriller game of cat-and-mouse based on Ryû Murakami’s novel.   

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BGH writer Colin sits down with John Carey, composer on the recent theatrical release "Escape Room" to learn a little about his process.  

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Bloody Good Horror and Fright Rags go WAY back.  Ben Scrivens, Fright Rags founder, started making horror t-shirts around the same time Mark and I started our little site back in the early 00's.  In this interview we talk about the lean early years of his business, chasing your dreams, and what it's like to run one of the biggest names in horror apparel.  
A video version of this interview was released exclusively to Patrons before this audio version, for that and more great content check out
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The documentary so incredible it features Eric, "Survival of the Film Freaks" explores the past, present and future of cult cinema, and is currently enjoying an award winning festival run. Today we sit down with the film's director Bill Fulkerson, a podcaster and long time friend of BGH to discover what it takes to make yourself over into an independent filmmaker overnight.

(A video version of this podcast was posted last week exclusively for Patrons at the Belial level and up, check your Patreon app for more great content!)

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It's "of 1984" time as we hop on our bikes for 1982's Class of 1984 and 2018's Summer of 84.
 To hear more Sophisticult Cinema and other BGH spinoffs, support the show at!
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Hey everybody, it's your friendly podcast host Eric here with the first episode in my BGH spinoff, The Eric Show.  Yes that's right, delve inside my mind in ways you never wanted to and see what really makes me tick.  Show #1 is a technical break-down of how BGH gets produced every week, followed by my recommendations for someone trying to start a podcast in 2017.  If you have more questions I don't cover here, hit me up on twitter @EricBGH


Future episodes of this show will only be available to Patrons, for more info on how you can get extra content and support Bloody Good Horror at the same time, check out 


Thanks to good friend BC for providing the music you hear in tonight's show, check out his indie platformer "Halloween Forever" in the Steam store.  The cuts you hear tonight can be found on its soundtrack. 

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