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This week the BGH lawyer Adam joins the crew for the first time as we review the direct to Netflix thriller "In the Tall Grass". 



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This week we're reviewing the Mexican Horror film "Tigers Are Not Afraid", and getting in shape for the 2nd annual BGH Virtual 5k!

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We'll be back next week with a review, but this week we're discussing the amazing time we had last weekend meeting our fans in Chicago.  One Patreon meetup, epic trivia and some truly bonkers karaoke.  

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The crew reviews Bong Joon-ho's latest film "Parasite" and can barely contain their excitement for the upcoming Chicago meetup. 

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This week we're discussing the much anticipated "IT Chapter Two", plus the countdown to the Chicago meetup begins! 

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This week things get weird as we discuss Blumhouse's "Ma", and a wild-eyed Joe shows up at the end to mix things up. 

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This week we're finalizing plans for our meetup in Chicago, and reviewing "Ready or Not" starring Samra Weaving. 

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This week we're talking about this movie that I hear is based off of a beloved book series.  I'll have to believe you on that one.  

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This week Joe's hosting, Sophie and CC are here and we're reviewing "Brightburn". 

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This week we're talking about creepers, boomers, red hats and the shelf life of mayo as we review "The Intruder" starring Dennis Quaid.

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This week we're talking the unholy mess that is "Hellboy" 2019 and the curious case of Niel Marshall's career.

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This week we're taking a trip to the Florida Swamps to check out the "hurricane unleashes mean gators" movie "Crawl".  Plus, your life questions, answered poorly.  

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Andrew joins us to discuss "The Prodigy", technically featuring no actual prodigies and definitely featuring way too many scenes about pubes (read: 1 scene). 

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This week we're living the cult life as we review Ari Aster's "Midsommar". 

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We're talking about barking dogs, John Goodman's smell, gooey explosives and more as we review "Captive State", a film about American insurgents fighting back against a colonizing power.  4th of July relevance purely coincidental. 

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The internet of things attacks! As we review this modern day retelling of the 80's classic.

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This week we're reviewing 2019's other cautionary tale about befriending middle aged people, "Greta".  Now go call your mother already...

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This week we're talking about pooping, vomit and listing all the many things wrong with the Netflix film "The Perfection"... in no particular order. 



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This week Young Andrew(TM) brings his considerable knowledge of all things Godzilla to the table to help us review "Godzilla: King of the Monsters".  

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